Hotline newsletter: Las Vegas Bowl gets a makeover, and the Pac-12 should like what it sees

Hotline newsletter: Las Vegas Bowl gets a makeover, and the Pac-12 should like what it sees [Mercury News] June 04- jun. 4-* The Pac-12 Hotline newsletter is published each Monday-Wednesday-Friday during the college sports season (and twice-a-week in the summer).

ASU didn’t win the South, but did surprise many with a winning season that included a trip to the Las Vegas Bowl. This month, is previewing each of Colorado’s opponents, with this installment focusing on ASU, which will host the Buffaloes in Tempe, Ariz., on Sept. 21.

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IT’S FINALLY FRIDAYYYYY! We jump right into with the Houston Rockets and the Blazers game last night and, of course, the tough loss for the Blazers with the Rockers but it was still a great fight against the team in the closing minutes when the team was down by 17 with 4 minutes and the bench came in and started to do their thing.

Springs seems like more than enough. I have lived here since 1981 and have never been, nor do I ever plan on attending, so just get the place opened on a full-time, permanent basis or just bring the bulldozers in There are many more winners and losers that can’t be listed in one letter. Let’s hear yours. greg nelson englewood Honest talk about.