Colorado’s dual enrollment programs grow by nearly 10 percent

Participation in Colorado’s Concurrent Enrollment (CE) program, established by the legislature in 2009, was the most popular choice among dual enrollment programs for the third year in a row: about 2,700 more students opted for CE classes in 2016-2017 from the previous year, continuing an annual growth rate of about 10 percent per year.

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Colorado’s dual enrollment programs grow by nearly 10 percent Biggest increases among students of color DENVER – April 1, 2019: Nearly 46,000 students took at least one dual enrollment course during the 2017-18

Colorado’s dual enrollment programs grow by nearly 10 percentage points; March. More than 350 performance awards given to schools, districts at annual ceremony; January. Colorado Preschool Program shows long-term positive outcomes for children; Statewide student enrollment growth slows; Help ensure all Colorado children have access to healthy.

Key Takeaways. Colorado’s Medicaid expansion, which began in January 2014, was larger – and costlier – than almost anyone anticipated. Expansion costs added up to nearly $1.6 billion during the first two years – 29 percent more than the $1.2 billion forecast.

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a nearly 9 percent jump in dual enrollment participation overall. The highest area of participation growth in 2016-2017 was in Concurrent Enrollment programs at two- and four-year institutions, which saw a combined increase of 10.8 percent.

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June 26, 2019: Colorado receives million award from U.S. Department of Labor to expand apprenticeships in health care; June 14, 2019: Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative approves more than $7.5 million in matching scholarship grant funds; April 1, 2019: Colorado’s dual enrollment programs grow by nearly 10 percent

in 2016-17, which represents about 96 percent of districts in Colorado and 86 percent of high schools. Nearly 44 percent of students who participated in ASCENT in 2016-2017 were Hispanic, a minority group that is historically underrepresented in postsecondary education. One of the goals of the ASCENT program is to increase the percentage

statewide with 30,979 students participating in 2017-2018. Participation in other high school dual enrollment programs in 2017-2018 increased by nearly 10 percent from the previous year. Four-year institutions saw the biggest percentage increase in Concurrent Enrollment participation with a 10.2 percent increase.

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As part of this experiment, an estimated 10,000 high school students will have the opportunity to access approximately $20 million in Federal Pell Grants to take dual enrollment courses provided by colleges and high schools throughout the nation. Nearly 80 percent of the selected sites are community colleges.

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