Trucker Doesn’t Clean The Snow Off His Truck, Demolishes A Traffic Light

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The fine is $250-$500 (depending on the amount of snow) for the first offense and $500-$1000 if you do it again. They also don’t let you drive away until you clear off the snow. They’ve even shown pictures on the news of truck drivers pulled over on the highway on top of their trucks, shoveling off snow. I have an SUV and I’m not a tall.

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Yet there was that time bush stopped short at a red light and a big sheet of ice slammed forward onto his cab.. Bush said he doesn t clean off the ice or snow and neither do any of his.

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PA Wants to Fine Truckers Who Don’t Clean Snow From Trucks 5 1 vote You know when you’re driving down the highway and a big old pile of snow flies off one of the vehicles and hits your windshield?

Yet he doesn’t stop. Asked about the car jammed into his rear trailer, the trucker lamely explains, "I didn’t know it.". A news crew happens to capture the aftermath of a truck taking down a.

"This video taken by Jennifer Bruce Richards and her daughter, Taylor, is proof of just how dangerous it can be if you don’t clear off your vehicle. The two were driving on RTE 25 in Wareham when the snow on this tractor trailer clipped the overpass, knocking loose the netting, creating a serious hazzard to the other vehicles on the road.

Jillie, obviously he doesn’t! IF he’s even spent one day as a trucker, he’s probably driving around trucker who drives in the snow-belt gets up on his roof and shovels off snow from his trailer. Heck, I don’t shovel it off my tractor either! The truck warms up, first bump you hit, the stuff slides off. What snow officer?