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Should programmatic be perceived as a way of reducing the cost of digital advertising? While it’s a more efficient way of digital media buying, the purpose is not to just do things cheaper..

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Programmatic advertising has emerged as one of the most efficient ways for marketers to reach audiences anywhere they are on the web in real-time. Research firm eMarketer estimated that in 2016, 73%.

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We asked who needs this new piece of advertising platform, and it’s clear that if you want speed, targeted advertising, and lots of data about your audience, programmatic is the way to go. A ny business that’s going into online advertising should utilize the immense capabilities of programmatic.

 · To Do Programmatic Advertising Yourself, Start by Picking a DSP Programmatic advertising has emerged as one of the most efficient ways for marketers to reach audiences anywhere they are on the web in real-time.

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At this point, your best bet is likely to use an online platform, pick a very low cost fund, and let it build and grow. But now imagine it’s 20 years later. You’ve done well for yourself..

I believe that it’s an incredible time to start, and invest, in companies in advertising. but programmatic has made brands and media companies accustomed to buying and using technology, supply-side.

The ongoing shift from traditional ways of buying display advertising to programmatic buying through a demand-side platform (DSP) is picking up speed. I was reading AdEx­changer Research’s The.