Sun Bus’ offers skin cancer screenings and education

Melanoma is a cancer that develops from melanocytes, cells that produce a natural level of pigment, called melanin, in the skin. The skin also creates melanin in an effort to protect itself from sun damage and is the reason skin darkens when exposed to sunlight.

New Program Will Bring Skin Cancer Education and Screenings to Thousands Nationwide. May 30, 2017 (New York, NY) – The Skin Cancer Foundation is launching Destination: Healthy Skin, a new program designed to save lives by educating the public about effective sun protection for skin cancer prevention as well as the importance of early detection.

Mohs Surgery Pictures, FREE Skin Cancer Screening - UV Shield Glove Sun Gloves Summer 2019 was a busy and successful one for Destination: Healthy Skin!We traveled 10,000 miles around the country, providing more than 1,800 free skin cancer screenings along with educational information and sun protection products to thousands more people in 18 cities.

the non-profit behind “The Sun Bus,” a mobile skin cancer screening clinic that travels the state, providing education about the dangers of skin cancer in Colorado. Among the [.] Hope, humor help.

Up to 75 percent percent of the net income stays in your community-supporting local education and screening efforts-while. If I need more tests, what are they? Skin Cancer Foundation Download the.

The convenience store chain, with over 500 stores in six Mid-Atlantic states, offers generous bonus schemes. site health benefits that include breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer and blood.

Dark Sky Month Celebrates Colorado’s Starry Skies The Mortgage Doctor: The Mortgage Doctor – A Mortgage Refinance Calculator Mortgage Doctor. Get Started. Our Team focus is based on exceptional services Before, During and After the mortgage process. including live weekly updates, on time closings and savings from our premier partners..In celebration of Colorado’s unspoiled skies (and to raise awareness of them as a valuable resource), Gov. Jared Polis recently designated June as Dark Sky Month. Throughout the month, you can find educational events and festivities at all six of the state’s IDA-designated locales.

get routine cancer screening tests, and avoid excess sun exposure. Behaviour change is possible and offers great potential for cancer prevention. This paper summarises the major factors that can be.

Free resources. The first step toward a world without skin cancer is educating others about prevention and early detection. The Academy offers opportunities to help spread sun-safety messages and increase public awareness about skin cancer through a variety of resources.

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The screenings were provided by the Colorado Melanoma Foundation, the non-profit behind "The Sun Bus," a mobile skin cancer screening clinic that travels the state, providing education about the.

A fixture at many of the state’s biggest summer festivals, the Sun Bus offers free skin cancer screenings and education, sun-safety products such as hats, shirts and sunscreen, as well as cutting-edge technology that measures hidden sun damage and shows exactly how sunscreen is covering – or not – your body.