Rent control bill advances at statehouse; opponents warn of unintended consequences

unintended consequences are tremendous. The proposed changes to the Employment Standards Act, the Labour Relations Act and the minimum wage contained within Bill 148 not only come with massive cost implications, but are unlikely to help the government realize its goals of a rising standard of living, economic growth and new jobs.

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That’s the view common among economists and the four committee members who opposed the bill. Each expressed skepticism that more rent control was the way to solve California’s housing woes.

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Kathy Miller of the Texas Freedom Network, which advances a mainstream agenda of religious freedom and individual liberties to counter the religious right, also expressed her concern. "It’s important.

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 · To Democrats, who now control both chambers of the Statehouse as well as the governor’s office, the measures are moderate solutions intended to stem a.

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The rent control repeal bill was her first major attempt to make good on campaign promises and deliver real relief to her deeply rent-burdened constituents. Part of Macri’s confidence flowed from the fact that Democrats had just reclaimed a majority in the Washington State Senate, giving them control over both State houses and the.

Rent control ordinances are a collection of laws that direct or prevent a landowner from increasing rents. While an obviously good means of ruling landlords and managing affordable accommodations, rent control is not a completely approved idea. Those who object with rent control list various reasons for their opposition.