Meet the WeedTuber Filling the Void YouTube Created through Censorship

Floating through a moderation storm, YouTube has spent much of 2018 promising to more readily police the content on its site. For years, YouTube has been home to so many creators, and so much content, that policing it completely has been beyond the company’s thousands of moderators.

YouTube has recently been removing cannabis accounts from their platform left and right without. Youtube's censorship has already spurred former channel owners to create a new platform in WeedTube. Other established streaming platforms, such as Vimeo and Twitch, have stepped in to fill the void.

This void is hard to fill without looking deep within and so they are filling it through drinking alcohol. This is sad, as without help, awareness and understanding the solution can be out of reach for so many. A void is created by focusing on something we want to have or want to be and feel lack of.

And so he patted my knee, smiled at me, and said, Don’t worry son, we’re gonna get through this. Schmitt stepped in to fill the void, working on the Grammy-winning “Theme From Hatari'” and “Moon.

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Gavin: When did you first meet. censorship at that time? Gavin: Since that time, the Tower and the Broadway have become home to films that bigger theaters won’t play and small releases with limited.

Meet the WeedTuber Filling the Void YouTube Created through Censorship. Zachary zane apr 12, 2019. Everything Arend Richard has ever done in his life has been out of necessity. Gotcha, so how did The WeedTube get started? Didn’t it have to do with youtube banning cannabis content creators?

Top 10 WeedTubers: WeedTubers are YouTubers who smoke weed and/or talk about smoking weed in all of their videos – and there’s a lot of them! He’s one of the newer WeedTubers on this list but has a ton of potential! Always smoking, always keeping it entertaining. He’s got a pretty dope set-up too.

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