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Join Neighbor to Form Republic This Week LONDON, June 26 – Another african colony stepped out of the British Empire Sunday and Queen Elizabeth sent her greetings to the 600,000 newly freed Somalis. "I, my government, and my people wish you well on this day of independence," the British Queen said.

I would suggest this day be observed as a day of giving free service towards his vision to make poverty history in Ethiopia. Click here to sign for a petition to make May 8 a national meles zenawi day in Ethiopia (fill in the form found at the top right)

Today is Wednesday, June 26, the 177th day of 2019. Members of the South Carolina Associated Press voted the death and new daughter.

The National Park Mystery Series by Scott Graham – National Park Mystery Series, Scott Graham. Posted on June 20, 2018 by mary woodbury june 20, 2018. Each book in my National Park Mystery Series is set in a specific park and seeks to capture and share with readers that park’s unique sense of place, beginning with that most iconic of America.

This is a stupid edit. I have half a mind to remove the entry entirely on the grounds that nobody by that name died on that day. Some users are putting heavy strain on the limits of ‘comment on edits not on editors’. Please include the man’s actual name. Please. Pretty please. Sam Blacketer 16:26, 15 November 2015 (UTC)

Media of Somalia includes various radio, television, print and internet outlets. The federal government operates two official radio and TV networks, which exist alongside a number of private and foreign stations. Print media in the country is progressively giving way to news radio stations and online portals, as internet connectivity and access increases.

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TIME asked historians to select events that resonate today.. the rest of society, but flourished under the radar of the press, planting churches from California to Virginia.. American Nazis Meet in Los Angeles (July 26, 1933).

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As voters in Somaliland prepared to finally cast their ballots in a tight, oft-delayed presidential election on 26 June, there was one outcome for which almost everybody in the territory, regardless of political or clan affiliation, was rooting.

So because of this unfortunate non-recognition status, developments in Somaliland either go unnoticed or unreported by the mainstream international media. But recently, fortunately, when I tuned to Aljazeera television on June 26, that station broadcast an electoral process in motion in that small country in the Horn of Africa.

June 26, 1998: Heavy rains of 2 to 5 inches fell across much of northern and eastern Brown, western and northern Day and all of Marshall County during the.