Hope for the Weary

Are you feeling weary? Perhaps the start of school and ministry schedules leave you wondering where your time has gone. Maybe it’s the start of a new season in your life and you are making the necessary adjustments, yet you struggle to find peace. I was encouraged as I read the post that Lois shared this week, offering hope for the weary.

Hope for the Weary, Strength for the Weak by Christina Patterson. Because of his great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing. – Isaiah 40:26 NIV This scripture explains all that God has done that no person can take credit for. This verse speaks volumes to the ultimate control God has over everything.

Words of Hope for the Wounded and Weary. Some of you have walked down long, hard paths. Some are still in the trenches. And some are finally resting on the long-awaited mountaintop. To each of you, with different stories and in various seasons, I offer a word of hope. I know my words will not lift any burdens or remove any pain,

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Hope For The Weary. If you are like me, your day consists of quite a lot! Plus, with little ones, every single step I have to direct or oversee, train and referee between the oldest. It is no easy job. Add to the mix housework, schooling, errands and any personal time in there and you are maxed out of hours in a day.

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We dreamed of a book that would point moms right to Jesus-our source of hope. Something they could read in the morning or during nap-time or while they were in the car line at school. A way for God’s truth to intersect the daily reality of a weary mom’s life.