Farmers may not catch a break to plant corn this week


  1. the smallest corn crop in four years, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The agency last week reduced its planting estimate by 3.2% from May ..

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    For the week ending May 12, only 11% of Illinois corn. not only impacted planting, but also shut down barge traffic on the flooded Illinois and Mississippi rivers – affecting the transport of.

     · Farmers May Switch Crops Due to Labor Shortage Farmers may change their crops due to the shortage of immigrant labor. Of all crops, fresh fruits and vegetables are.

     · French farmers can’t seem to catch a break from the weather. After deluges earlier this year decimated wheat crops, now not enough rain is threatening their corn. Many fields in.

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    However, he knows with so much rain, unplanted ground may not be dry enough to plant until the middle of May. So, more in-season switches may be made by farmers, a move that could add more soybean.

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