Do Not Invade A Canada Goose’s Space — They Have No Mercy

What did they call Canadian Geese before Confederation? Geese. Although people walking across fields covered in goose-poo called them all kinds of things. But if my dog, who has some disgusting residual racial-memory foraging instincts, were to refer to that same goose-poo, she would call geese "The providers of one of my favorite snacks."

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A white domestic goose may have escaped captivity and taken up with a flock of Canada geese in Middlesex County. The goose in the photos above is a hybrid, the offspring of a Canada goose and a domestic goose, and is part of a flock that regularly visits a small peninsula near the mouth of the Ware River and Mobjack Bay in Gloucester.

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Deakin University Philosophy lecturer Patrick Stokes makes just this case in a well-written piece called No, You’re Not. do (the ABC program Media Watch did an outstanding job destroying WIN-TV and.

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They have either no sense of smell or a very poor one, but this does not impede the goose in any way (Wormer). Although there is a large variation in size all subspecies of Canada Geese look the same physically (Wormer) The male and female Canada Goose look almost exactly the same except the female can usually be recognized because it is.

When Geese Attack; or, How I Almost Got My Ass Kicked by a Canadian Goose By Jeffrey Pillow on July 9, 2013 – 8 mins read While running the trails of Forest Lakes in Charlottesville, Jeffrey Pillow comes face to face with an ill-tempered Canadian goose in a story of man vs. bird.

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The Rise of Canada Goose’s Hollywood-Friendly Coats.. "Manchester by the Sea" is a film in which none of the characters seem to have on the right coat; they are always shivering in the.