Boys Lacrosse: Grandview believes its on cusp of joining state’s lax elite – Sentinel Colorado

I think our focus on "elite" athletes in minor sports has gone wrong and that opinion has support. Today, I’m sharing an article with you. You can find the link if you read this commentary on It’s ESPN’s Senior Writer Tim Keown writing about preteen youth sports.

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Six swimmers and a diver from the Raiders appear on the 2015 Aurora Sentinel All-City Boys Swim Team, which is based on state results. Joining the Raiders are a Grandview foursome that posted a pair of third-place relay finishes, plus smoky hill senior alex Kohlman.

The start of the boys lacrosse postseason is right around the corner, and it still feels like Hamburg just returned home from its annual trip down south having split two games against Virginia state powers.

Men's Lacrosse vs. District of Columbia Boys Lacrosse: Grandview believes its on cusp of joining state's lax elite. By. COURTNEY OAKES. The Grandview boys lacrosse team had been knocking at the door of the group of Colorado's best for years. The Wolves finally have. Reach him at 303-750-7555 or Twitter:.

Boys Lacrosse: Grandview believes its on cusp of joining state’s lax elite – Sentinel Colorado. The Grandview boys lacrosse team had been knocking at the door of the group of Colorado’s best for years. The Wolves finally have their foot in the door. A two-goal win over Arapahoe – the first.